Showcase Brackets

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Showcase Brackets – Eliminating Unnecessary Games, Keeping Players Healthy

You may have attended a Snap Soccer event in the last year where Snap Soccer has utilized the “Showcase Bracket” format. You may have also asked yourself, “What in the world are Showcase Brackets?” The concept is fairly simple: U16 and above divisions will play a maximum of three games when the number of teams in that specific division allows.

See how the most common brackets will play out…

4 Team Bracket – Round Robin (three games). The team with most points after the third group game wins the division.

5 Team Bracket – Fourth game will be needed to determine first place. Each team plays two games, Semi-Final between 2A & 3rdA, winner plays 1A in the final, 4A & 5A play a consolation match. One team will play four games.

6 Team Bracket – Two groups of three (A & B), group play (two games). Then based on group play, first place match (1A vs 1A), third place match (2A vs 2B), fifth place match (3A vs 3B).

8 Team Bracket – Fourth game will be needed to determine first place. Two groups of four (A & B), group play (three games), then the first place match (1A vs 1B). Two teams will play four games.

Advantages of Showcase Brackets:

  • Higher Quality Matches
  • Longer Matches – Showcase brackets will play 40-minute halves.
  • Better Quality for the Players and Coaches

Since using these brackets over the past years we have received lots of positive feedback, but we would love to hear from you and gauge your thoughts.  You can either leave a comment on this post or send me an email at

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