Points System

Tournaments managed by Snap Soccer and integrated with Sinc Sports will award points based on tournament results.

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Snap Soccer is pleased to introduce a points system to all tournaments that it manages. Every team playing in any division, that registers through SINC Sports and completes a tournament, will receive points based on how they finished. Points will accrue with each tournament they compete; the higher the division, the more points a team earns. Points will reset at the beginning of the fall season. 

It is our belief that adding a points system will provide the framework for teams to achieve higher standards when it comes to competitive play. Teams may now see exactly where they stand in relation to their peers. We hope this encourages teams to challenge themselves and go to the next level when deciding which tournament and what division to compete. The points system will also allow Snap Soccer another data point when seeding brackets in divisions. 

Points System

1st Division (Gold)

  • 4,000 points 1st place
  • 2,000 points 2nd place
  • 1,000 points 3rd place
  • 500 points 4th place
  • 100 points 5th and lower

2nd Division (Silver)

  • 1,000 points 1st place
  • 500 points 2nd place
  • 250 points 3rd place
  • 125 points 4th place
  • 50 points 5th and lower

3rd Division (Bronze)

  • 500 points 1st place
  • 250 points 2nd place
  • 125 points 3rd place
  • 75 points 4th place
  • 25 points 5th and lower

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive points?
By signing up for a soccer tournament managed by Snap Soccer, all teams U12 and above will automatically will receive points.

What if my team doesn’t do well at a tournament? Will I still get points?
Yes. Every team, U12 and above, will receive points. The points are boosted depending on what division you are placed. 

How do I view my team’s points?
Go to a Snap Soccer tournament on Sinc Sports and find the Points link in the main menu. Here you will be able to see your team’s total points and, once the event is over, points earned from the tournament.  

Do teams win anything at the end of the soccer year based on points?
Currently no. 

Will this eliminate the “gold, silver, and bronze” division request?
No. Teams will still need to request the the division they want to be placed when they first register for an event. 

Does the point system ever reset?
Yes, points will reset at the end of June.