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Snap Soccer provides resources and recommendations to club administrators, team managers and parents so they can work smarter, not harder. 

The culture of a club is often an area that can get overlooked in youth soccer. Club leaders are in charge of providing the education and expectations for their parents, players and staff. If left unattended, then club members must learn from trial and error. This can lead to sideline issues, unmet expectations for player training and a number of other critical items.

Snap Soccer has partnered with Learn World, a leader in e-learning platforms, to host courses developed my the Snap Team. These helpful courses offer youth soccer clubs a better way to grow and maintain the positive club community that so many clubs strive for. 

PlayerEvals is an online platform that allows coaches to easily create, fill out, and send professional looking evaluations to athletes and their parents. 

Every soccer club owes its players a full evaluation at the end of each season. Some use paper, which is perfectly fine. But if you don’t have a system that meets your needs then you should defiantly check out PlayerEvals.

If your club or team would like a demo of PlayerEvals, book a meeting with Snap Soccer today. 

Roster Screen

Player evaluations

Players will appear in the list, and coaches can click the athlete’s name to bring up his/her evaluation form. Colored backgrounds for each player correspond to the status of their evaluation forms:

Green: filled out and sent.
Yellow: filled out but not sent.
White: not filled out or sent.

Emailed Evaluations

Player Eval Camp Eval

A professional looking email evaluation is sent to your athletes and/or their parents.

You brand the evaluation with your own colors and logo.

An evaluation is usually the last point of contact with a customer, so it’s imperative to impress them.


AfterCam logoAfterCam2 is a mobile app for capturing game hightlights… only hightlights! Say good buy to post-production, video editing that takes hours. This video app is made for saving time (and file size). When using, AfterCam continuously captures video. When the soccer action gets good, a simple on-screen tap saves the last bit of video. When you’re ready to save the game, it will only export the video action you tapped, creating one, single video file, perfectly edited. Instead of recording your kid’s entire game, you now have your own highlight reel to share with coaches, family and friends.

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