About Snap Soccer

Over a decade of quality youth soccer.

Growing Youth Soccer

Snap Soccer helps youth soccer communities grow and flourish. Founded in 2010, their name stands for Soccer Needs for All Programs and was originally an online eCommerce supplier for soccer lovers. The company pivoted in late 2011 into an event management operation that now generates over 25 million a year in economic impact via travel tourism.

Our companies overall goal is to connect everyone in youth soccer and build stronger communities as a result of our events. What started as a weekend side project has turned into a trusted partnership with 100’s of soccer clubs, multiple city municipalities, and businesses. Snap Soccer keeps participants happy, saves volunteers from headaches, giving soccer clubs more time to focus on the most important thing…the kids

For Soccer Clubs – Let us help run a smooth event that promotes your club and your community. 

For Business Owners – Let us help you connect with one of the best social groups in the USA… Youth Soccer Families. 

Our Services


With field restrictions, coaching conflicts, and special request sometimes scheduling a soccer tournament is like playing with a rubix cube. Our team has been scheduling events for over 10 years and can help manage all the brackets, schedule conflicts and massive amount of emails that go into finalizing a schedule. From a 60 team event to a 700 team event, we can help.


With multiple events to choose from each weekend, marketing your event is now one of the most important strategies that go into preparing for your soccer tournament. Snap Soccer uses several online and offline tactics to ensure other soccer clubs know about your event.


If you’re thinking about starting a new event or just want someone to help give input on your current event we can setup a block of time to help talk through any number of idea or plans. Our consulting program allows the soccer club to keep complete control of their event with a professional oversight in the background to help.

T-shirt Design & Printing

No tournament weekend is complete without a tournament t-shirt. Our team of designers can help design your shirts and set the up for mass production. Or if you’re looking for a t-shirt vendor to come handle it all, we can help with that also.

Award Design & Printing

Every soccer tournament has them and all are not created equal. Your tournament awards will sit in the rooms and shelves of families for years. Make sure you give them something worth looking for!

Full Service Management

Are your volunteers just not showing up? Do you have a large event that has outgrown the club? Are you looking for a revenue partner that can ensure tournament cashflow without the hassle of months of planning and preparation that goes into running a sizeable event? This is where our full service management comes in. This service is by application only. To setup a time to speak, please email info@snapsoccer.com