Hey referee!

Would you like to work at our events? We host 20-24 weekends a year of soccer and love working with great officials. Please fill out this form to get contacted about SnapSoccer events. You must be in good standing with USSF to work our events.

If you are not a certified ref, you can do so by connecting with your referee state admin. Here is a link to find your state’s referee website,

Here are some helpful links and info:
Referee Uniforms:
Referee Report: U.S. Soccer Referee Report
Report Codes: Cautionable and Sending-Off Offense
Supplemental Report: U.S. Soccer Supplemental Referee Report

Nutritional Guide:

Snap Soccer Ref Form

Once you complete the form you will need to verify your email so it doesn’t go to spam. We email our refs each month with upcoming events.

Helpful Videos

Check out some informational videos below!