Covid 19 Event policies

  • Every car while paying to park will be given a brief health screen. The questions asked can be found  below. 
  • We ask that teams show up no earlier than 15-20 minutes prior to their game, we also ask that you leave quickly after your game has concluded to reduce crowding within the park.
  • There will be a designated entrance and exit to the park, we ask that you respect these entrance ways and use the appropriate one.
  • Please make sure to bring water as water fountains and coolers will not be available. 
  • There will be a food truck selling packaged snacks and water/gatorade.
  • Limited spectators is encouraged.
  • Facial covering are encouraged.

Social Distancing – All events will adhere to social distancing requirements.

  • Players, coaches, and officials shall not congregate within six feet of each other except to the extent necessary during the athletic competition.
  • Players, coaches, officials, and spectators shall refrain from high fives, handshakes, fist bumps, tag-ins, and other physical contact except to the extent necessary to compete.
  • The event facility staff will work with event directors to mitigate exposure to facilities by modifying event scheduling.
  • When using a tent, please restrict it to members of a single household only.
  • Concessions will be limited to prepackaged snacks and beverages to avoid congestion in lines.
  • Separate entrance and exits for the facility, clearly marked.
  • All coaches, players, officials, and spectators are strongly encouraged to wear a mask or other facial covering that covers his or her nostrils and mouth at all times except when a player or official is directly participating in the event.
  • There will be no water fountains or shared coolers allowed. Each player is expected to bring their own water bottle/refills.
  • Event staff will frequently disinfect all common touchable surfaces. All restrooms will be cleaned with a hospital-grade disinfectant throughout the competition.
  • FST will provide additional signage and sanitation stations, throughout the facility.

All players, coaches, officials, and spectators will be subject to a health screen question or temporal scan. Anyone who answers yes to the below questions will not be allowed to enter the event. We also recommend seniors of others with compromised immune systems not attend events due to risk of infection.

  1. Have you or your child been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID19?
  2. Are you or your child experiencing a cough, shortness of breath or sore throat?
  3. Have you or your child had a fever within the last 48 hours?
  4. Have you or your child experienced new loss of taste or smell?
  5. Have you or your child experienced vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?

From Foley Sports Tourism (FST)

We are creating new standard operating procedures that will require cooperation from all parties
involved in a sporting event:

From an FST staff perspective:

  • We will provide health screens and send anyone home who exhibits signs of sickness.
  • We will provide PPE (gloves and facial coverings) for all sanitation efforts and throughout the events, and during any other time requested by event planners.
  • We will provide additional employees to provide a higher standard of care within our facilities when required.

From a tournament or event director perspective:

  • We will request event scheduling to support less congestion and to provide complete disinfection of entire facilities.
  • We will work together to define event layouts including designating spectator seating to support social distancing requirements. This may result in a limit to the number of spectators allowed per team.
  • We will request to eliminate shaking hands, hugging, or unnecessary touching with other attendees.
  • We will require distribution of policies and procedures regarding COVID19 via websites, social media, email, and coaches meetings or programs prior to the event.

From a participant and spectator perspective:

  • We will expect anyone who enters to understand inherent risks of the environment and the steps we are taking to mitigate the transmission.
  • We encourage participants to wear facial coverings when not competing.
  • We encourage spectators to wear facial coverings.
  • We expect everyone to take personal responsibility for properly washing hands, masking coughs and sneezes. Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol), and abstain from touching their face.
  • We will request to eliminate shaking hands, hugging, or otherwise coming in close contact with other attendees.
  • We will not allow any team coolers or shared water jugs. Players are encouraged to bring their own water bottles/refills. We will encourage all players and coaches to practice healthy habits including adequate hydration, consuming a varied, vitamin-rich diet with sufficient vegetables and fruits, and getting adequate sleep.
  • We request players, coaches, parents, or supporters with any symptoms not attend competitions or events.
  • We will restrict outdoor tents to only members of the same household.
  • We recommend laundering clothes and uniforms daily.

From a facility perspective:

  • We will frequently wipe down all common touchable surfaces such as faucets, doors, hand rails, elevators, concessions windows, and registration desks in selected intervals with disposable disinfectant wipes. Note: this will not be possible for chairs and bleachers unless a break is scheduled.
  • We will provide complete sanitation of the facilities with a hospital-grade cleaner/sanitizer. The cleanings will be scheduled every four hours for high-traffic areas and nightly for the entire facility.
  • We have removed lids from garbage cans and installing air dryers in the restroom to help eliminate common touch points.
  • We have installed anti-microbial sleeves that kill germs on our restroom faucets and toilet handles to stop transmission from these common-touch surfaces.
  • We will provide additional hand washing and hand sanitizer stations throughout the facilities.
  • We will individually package all concession food and practice ADPH COVID-19 GUIDELINES FOR RESTAURANTS AND BARS as well as ServSafe practices for food protection.
  • We will prop open entrance and exit doors as well as bathroom doors.
  • We will install a UV-C System for the Foley Event Center HVAC system to kill 99.9% of pathogens. Additionally, we are researching ionization technology for active disinfection of air.