Better Together

Become a Snap Soccer eGaming partner to earn money and greater brand recognition.

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Egaming Partner Program

Snap Soccer has developed an online, eGaming community program utilizing the networking features of FIFA 20 by EA Sports, the premier soccer video game in the world. It’s a great way to stay engaged with your players and parents for the weeks and months to come. Learn more about the program here

We Need Your Help
All great tournaments need great teams. For eGaming it is the same. The more players we have, the better the competition and more fun for the kids.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to help by offering these resources:

  • Clubs can get a Snap Soccer eGaming sign up link.
  • You will earn 25% for every player that signs up using your link.
  • Every club that signs up gets an announcement on Snap Soccer’s social media feed promoting their club.
  • We will provide social media assets with your club logo for you to create and share your own posts with your soccer community.
  • Kid’s that win bigger eGaming tournaments can earn “Player of the Month” which earns a press release and potential story in your local newspaper. Here’s an example.
  • Plus we can help you or one of your players set up your own “Pro Club” team, a feature of FIFA 20 that clubs will love. Once you have your Pro Club set up, you can have just your club players on it, to compete against other club teams.

Snap Soccer eGaming wants to get as much participation from soccer clubs as possible. We want the kids to feel the excitement of a soccer tournament from the comfort of their own homes playing players from different clubs that they wouldn’t normally connect with.

Interested? We hope you are. If so, please respond letting us know and we will get the next steps rolling quick.