Managers Guide to Youth Travel Soccer

Friday, June 25 at 12pm CDT

If you have to watch one thing about travel soccer, and you're a new or experienced manager, this is it.

A team manager seated and looking at computer screen

Learn about the critical role of a youth soccer, team manager. Get tips and practical advice on how to be the best team manager you can be without going insane. The team at Snap Soccer has developed a thorough guide for team managers to understand their role and how to perform before, during and after a season of travel soccer.

Join this live webinar and listen to Zack Touchstone and John Cross discuss the Managers Guide to Travel Soccer.

What you’ll learn:

  • The “real” role of a team manager
  • What you are expected to know and do
  • Finding, registering and checking-in for tournaments
  • Getting through a tournament weekend 
  • Post-season wrap up

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At the end of the webinar, registered attendees will receive a PDF copy of the Manager’s Guide to Youth Travel Soccer as well as access to the webinar video discussion.

Meet the Speakers

Zack Touchstone

Zack Touchstone
Operations Manager, Snap Soccer

Aside from keeping Snap Soccer running smoothly, Zack is a bonafide tournament director guru. If you’re a club director or team manager and been to a Snap Soccer event, chances are you have met Zack. His level-headed approach to tournament scheduling and on-site directing keeps Snap Soccer events running smooth.

John Cross

John Cross
Design Director, Snap Soccer

John is the branding wizard and a tournament director for Snap Soccer. John successfully managed youth soccer teams for 8 years and somehow made it to the other side relatively unscathed. John loves to share stories about travel soccer and the amazing people and players he’s met along the way.