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Remote Event Management

Snap Soccer provides management services for club directors needing a streamlined process to make their tournament a success. 

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Why use Remote Management?

There are so many factors related to running a tournament it can be overwhelming for any seasoned club director. Our experienced staff offer exceptional communication, quick response times and complete mastery of the Sinc Sports tournament management system. 

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Snap Soccer saves you time by:

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer options that allow Snap Soccer to be on-call to help with any Sinc Sports updates like weather delays, mass schedule changes, pushing through tie-breakers, and more. Alternatively we can simply hand it off to you and check in after the event is over. Contact us to go over your unique event and we can talk through what makes the most sense.

It’s your tournament and your club. So yes, you call the shots. We’ll keep you updated on registrations, bracketing, scheduling and more. You’ll have full access to review and steer the event the way you want. 

Yes, but… You will have a dedicated tournament team that has complete mastery of the Sinc Sports scheduling system. So yes you could make adjustments but it will need to be communicated to the team in advance so everyone is in the loop.

Safety is our top priority. Every weather related decision is unique. We will be on-call monitoring weather starting 10 days out from the event. If bad weather is imminent, we’ll discuss all the scenarios with you and execute a plan that communicates vital information to coaches and managers. 

Any person that is working at the tournament will be the club’s responsibility to manage. This includes volunteers, referees, etc. 

As part of our planning meetings we’ll work through the scenarios of this happening. This allows us to execute the right plan should delays become imminent. 

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When to use Remote Management?

Whether you are a new club and don’t know what to do, or a seasoned club with established events, knowing when to offload event management is an easy decision to make. 

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Consider going remote if:

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Snap + Sinc = Success

Snap Soccer is the only event management company authorized by Sinc Sports to provide remote event management. Whether it’s 50 teams or 500, our staff have the expert knowledge to keep your event on track to succeed. 

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Our Sinc Sports setup includes:

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Experience counts. Let Snap Soccer help you run your next successful tournament. Complete the form below and let’s get started, together. If you’d rather talk on the phone, give us a call at (850) 706-0019.