The Snappys

Nominate your favorite coach, manager or referee for a Snappy Award — the annual, best-in-youth-soccer awards by Snap Soccer. Winner’s announced January 27, 2021.

Snap Soccer Snappy Awards

Nominations are currently closed. Check back on January 27, 2021 to find out who the winner’s are.

“Anyone can coach a team, manage a season or referee a tournament. How hard can it be?” This statement would cause anyone that has done any of those roles in youth soccer to roll their eyes in either pain or amusement. The fact is, being a coach can be gut-wrenching. Being a manager can be thankless. And all referees MUST be gluttons for punishment. Every season, these people come and go. Some are new and come eager with new ideas and ambition to make their mark. Others are career veterans sporting the calmness that comes with experience. 

Whatever you think, no matter your experience, every year, there’s one person that cuts through the noise and makes a lifelong impact on a player, a team or an event.  That’s where The Snappy Awards come in. The team at Snap Soccer decided it is time to recognize those exceptional human beings that give so much to the sport and often are the last to take credit for what they do.

We are calling on everyone in the greater soccer community (the royal “We”) to think about someone in their soccer life that deserves a shout out at the highest level for who they are, what they do and how they do it. Maybe it’s a coach that goes the extra mile not once, but all the time. It’s a volunteer manager that, despite having a job and 2 other kids that don’t play soccer, finds a way to consistently communicate to everyone, collect fees, book hotels and coordinate team meals. You know who they are. Now it’s time to let us know so we can elevate them to the next level. 

Nomination Form

Complete the form below. You may only nominate one person at a time. Do this as many times, for as many people, as you would like to nominate. Winners will be announced in late January.