Capturing Soccer Video Highlights

Step 1) Open AfterCam on your Iphone. Setup your phone on a tri-pod or just hold it and watch the game. 

Step 2) After a great play happens, you can hit the 5, 10, or 20 button to record the clips, AFTER they happen. 

Step 3) Post on Instagram or Facebook and tag @Snapsoccer and use #PublixSuperCup, or send to 

Step 4) Video with the most likes win!

Recommendation for Best Videos

1) Use a Tri-Pod – This will help keep the video steady and focused on the action. Hand holding can work, but at times it can cause bouncing video. 
Link to iPhone TriPods

2) Focus on one element of the game – Meaning just keep the camera on the defense or offense. You will find that doing allows you to capture more key moments because you are not going back and forth the whole game. 

3) Use video capture software – Using software like AfterCam will help capture video highlights after they happen. This way you don’t have to clip videos, search through hours of game film or deal with converting your file formats. It is all done for you. You can download the app here,