Couch Cup Illustration

A premier FIFA 20 for Xbox tournament sponsored by and PUMA.

Couch Cup is for all of us stuck at home playing FIFA 20 by EA Sports on Xbox. With over $1000 in prizes, this is Snap Soccer’s biggest eGaming tournament to date. Sign up to compete against players all over the country.

covid 19 Update

Stay Indoors, Play Indoors

Snap Soccer hopes that everyone is staying safe and doing the right thing by staying at home and heeding the advice of your state and local authorities. We are communicating closely with soccer clubs and their local municipalities to track when fields will reopen so we can get back to playing events outside.

Snap Soccer is continuing its core mission to provide safe and exciting youth soccer programs and events by offering Snap Soccer eGaming. We know it’s not the same as going outside and playing, but while we’re social distancing and self-quarantining, it’s the next best thing.  

eGaming Offers Something for Everyone


  • Increased understanding of formations, tactics and skill building
  • Quality competition against players all over the country
  • Continued engagement with the sport they love


  • A small expense for months of entertainment for their children
  • Play together, learn together
  • A safe online community they can trust


  • Sign up your club players and earn a commission
  • Create your own Pro Club team with your players
  • Easy content for social media and local press

Upcoming Events

Event Details

Tournament Date Jun 03
QUICK FACTS This is a Snap Soccer eGaming premiere tournament sponsored by and Puma. Youth and Adult divisions. Over $1000 in prizes.

Event Locations

Event Details

Tournament Date Jun 20

Event Locations

Foley Sports Tourism Complex 920 East Pride Boulevard
Foley, AL 36535 United States

Event Details

Tournament Dates Jun 27 - Jun 28

Event Locations

Foley Sports Tourism Complex 920 East Pride Boulevard
Foley, AL 36535 United States
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What does snap Soccer do?

Our company exists to help youth soccer clubs.

At first, we only focused on supporting youth clubs with the heavy lifting that goes into maintaining and growing a successful soccer tournament.

But now, we have dove into online Parent Courses, Player Evaluation Software, Video Capture Apps, Soccer Summit Education Meeting and Board Consulting. 

At the root…we just want to see youth soccer keep growing. Reach out if you would like to talk. 

Recent NEWS

Publix SuperCup

Foley and Orange Beach, AL and Pensacola/Perdido Key, FL Click the link below to register GIRLS WEEKEND – SEPTEMBER 12-13, 2020 BOYS WEEKEND – SEPTEMBER 19-20, 2020 Soccer Tournament

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