Completing Online Check-In for SINC Sports

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Why Online Check-In?

Checking your team in in-person is simply outdated. The ability to check in your team in advance allows for a much easier and more streamlined process than ever before. No longer do you have to meet with tournament staff on the Friday before, or on game day the Saturday of the tournament. Simply complete check-in by the Thursday before the event and head straight to the fields Saturday!

The Steps to Completing Online Check In

Select your team’s association for which your club is sanctioned.
US Club Soccer, US Youth Soccer, SAY, USSSA, AYSO to name the more prominent youth soccer governing bodies.

Participating Athletes and Coaches
Here you will input the players and coaches that will actually be participating in the tournament. This allows for teams to get the most out of their allotted roster spots available for the event. This function allows you to notate which players on your roster are guest players as well. The information you input here gets matched up with the other documents required (roster and passes) in order to certify a tournament roster. This is a tournament-specific roster that will be printed when Online Check-In is 100% complete.

Hotel Reservations
No Snap Soccer tournament is stay-to-play, but we do gather information about where you stay for the local municipality’s reporting needs. This task is generally a simple form. Please fill this out as accurately as possible.

Coach and Player Passes
Upload a PDF of your team’s player/coach passes. If there are any guest players you can upload their passes individually. This information must match and validate the participating players’ and coaches’ input under the participating athletes and coaches section.

Upload Roster
Update your official roster for the tournament through your club’s governing body (US Club Soccer, US Youth Soccer, etc.). There you will add or remove any club pass players. Once your roster is finalized upload a PDF to SINC. Again, the player and coach passes, the official roster, and the participating athletes and coaches will all be checked against each other to certify an official tournament roster.

Team Contacts
This is important because SINC is the primary form of communication for teams. This ensures that the coach and manager are receiving all notifications and communication to teams whether it be via text message or email. Please make sure the information you input here is accurate!

Medical Waivers
This task is an acknowledgment that all players participating will have their medical waiver present in case medical assistance is needed. These are issued through your club’s governing body (US Club Soccer, US Youth Soccer, etc.)

Athlete Waiver
This is a waiver specific to the tournament organizer. The contents include medical permissions, the covid-19 liability policy, and media consent. The guardian of each participating player must sign this form in order to compete.

After the above items are submitted there is a review process that generally takes 24 hours to complete. After this review period either the contents you submitted will be approved or denied. If denied, there will be a reason listed so that you can go back into the system to correct it.

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