Snap Soccer Futsal – FAQs

Soccer players playing futsal, indoor at Foley, Alabama

Do I need Player Cards and a official roster?
Nope, all you need is a completed Snap Soccer Waiver. This will be used as your roster.

What do I need for check-in and how do I complete check-in?
You will need one of the completed waivers above and some sort of age verification. Player cards are preferred but not required. Review the specific registration site to determine how to complete check-in. Most events do all online check-in.

Do I need an official roster and player cards from my club?
Nope, all you need is the Snap Soccer waiver and some sort of age verification.

Do we need uniforms?
Some sort of matching shirt is needed. It doesn’t have to be an official shirt of any kind. You can go to your closest store and pick up the needed amount.

Do my uniforms need numbers?
Nope, not needed. If you can have them great, but don’t stress it.

Can I add players last minute?
Yes, futsal events are pretty flexible. With that being said the last-minute adds need to be on your roster and that roster needs to be sent to the tournament director. In any case, reach out to the tournament director to determine the process.

What shoes do the players wear?
Tennis shoes, indoor soccer shoes, sneakers… cleats! Furthermore, the selected shoe should not have a red bottom, this scuffs most courts.

What is the game format?
Two twenty-minute halves, 5v5 (one goalie, four field players). Rules can be found here.

Are there awards for the players?
Each event varies, but usually, futsal events provide one award for the Champion and Finalist of each division.

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