Soccer Pitch Sizes & Field Dimensions

Soccer pitch, corner kick lines and flag pole

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If you have to set up a pitch for playing soccer games or run a tournament with lots of fields of various sizes, inevitably you have to either be the one that paints the lines that mark in and out, penalty boxes, center circle, etc. Or, if you’re lucky, you can hand that off to the facility manager and let them do it. But even then, most multi-sport complexes will need you to tell them what every line needs to be and then sign off on the final markings. And that requires you to know the numbers for every line that makes up the field of play as well as the coaches and spectator zones. This may seem like a daunting task. But, armed with a little knowledge of your field space and Snap Soccer’s guide to marking pitches, you’ll be the club’s new Picasso in no time.

Fields come in 3 sizes for the different age groups – 7v7 for teams made up of 7 to 9-year-olds, 9v9 for teams aged 10 and 11, and 11v11 for teams age 12 and up. Every line on the pitch has a name that is used by coaches and referees. These include names like “end line, touchline, half-line and center spot.” All of the fields consist of the same lines except 7v7. The 7v7 fields include a “build-out line”. We recommend knowing the line names so you can communicate more effectively with others that may be helping on a regular basis.

Here is your guide for marking lines on pitches.

7v7 – U8 to U10 teams

Soccer Pitch dimensions and line sizes for 7v7

9v9 – U11 to U12 teams

Soccer Pitch dimensions and line sizes for 9v9

11v11 – U13 to U19

If you have the flexibility we recommend U13-15 age group fields be sized at 60-70 yards wide by 100-110 long and U16-19 at 70-80 yards wide by 110-120 long.

Soccer Pitch dimensions and line sizes for 11v11

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