Snap Soccer Play Dates

Friendly Matches to Develop Teams

  • February 3 – Pensacola, FL
    Southwest Escambia Sports Complex
  • February 17 – Foley, AL
    Foley Sports Tourism Complex
  • Deadline to Register – 1/23/2024
  • Payment Deadline – 1/23/2024
  • 2 games per playdate
  • 7v7 – $275 (4 games total)
  • 9v9 – $300 (4 games total)
  • 11v11 – $175 (2 games total) – Only 2/17 in Foley, AL
  • 7v7 – 25 Minutes Halves
  • 9v9 – 30 Minute Halves
  • 11v11 – 35 Minute Halves

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Since 2013, we have been running Snap Soccer Playdates for soccer clubs to help organize friendly competition with their surrounding neighbor-clubs. Playdates offer the perfect format for teams to develop their game style in a non-tournament environment. 

How are playdates different from tournaments?

Player and Team Development 

The playdates are solely for development. No scores are kept, and there is no pressure on the players to win. Coaches have the ability to test out new formations as well as put players in new positions that they are not used to playing. Many times we find that clubs have a lack of contacts, adequate fields, and access to referees to be able to play other teams outside of a tournament environment. These issues tend to result in coaches using the same players in the same formations and always playing for the win due to a fear of losing.

Relaxed Environment

The playdates are as relaxed as any soccer game should be. The players don’t have the pressure to WIN (even though it may be desired), the games are friendly, and the parents can just sit back and enjoy! From time to time, we have a parent whose comments or actions single them out among the other parents because the sidelines are normally relaxed. So when a team parent is being loud, shouting instructions to the players, or just not following sideline protocol, it is easy for the coach to identify and approach this parent in a non-competitive environment.

Here is a recent sound bite we heard from a coach:

“These games are for development and testing. If you keep telling your player to run up the field, it is going to confuse them on how to play the position we put them in. These games are very important to allow us the ability to teach them new positions and allow them to fail.”

Saturday Only Games

As clear as can be, playdates are for SATURDAYS ONLY. No hotel stays are needed for our playdates, and families still have most of their weekend to bond away from the fields, for once.

As a club administrator, there is no stress to schedule the referees, organize the assignor, pay the referees, or deal with the management of organizing 80+ teams into a full day of soccer. Not to mention you get to be surrounded by thousands of our local soccer fans! Snap Soccer loves this environment, and it is a significant part of why we do the playdates. Seeing people gather for a day of soccer in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere puts big smiles on our team’s face.“

Playdate Referee Information

Steps to Referee Registration

  1. Once on the event page, click the blue button that is titled “register” in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. From there you will enter your email and fill out all the needed information – name, phone, address, etc.
  3. Then you will click register and be brought to a screen that allows you to select “referee”.
  4. You will then be brought to your profile screen. This is where you will select which date you can officiate.


If you have any questions about registering – please email

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