What Does It Take to Be Eligible for a Soccer Scholarship for College?

How to Get a Soccer Scholarship for College?

With soccer being the most popular sport in the world, it is no surprise that it can be challenging to get a college soccer scholarship. How do you know what it takes to be awarded one of these coveted scholarships? Read on for more information about what it takes to be eligible for a soccer scholarship for college.

Athletic Requirements

Clearly, the first thing that you need to have is an exceptional skill in soccer. In addition to possessing the relevant athletic skills, you should be playing at a varsity level for at least a few years in order to gain the right level of competitive experience. Getting a professional assessment will help you to know where you currently stand and what skills you need to work on to make yourself more marketable. You should start this process early in your high school career if getting a college scholarship is one of your goals.

Beyond Athletic Ability

While having the right skills is the cornerstone of being eligible for a scholarship, there are also a variety of intangibles that go into the selection process. One of the most important selling points is your GPA. If you can demonstrate high academic achievement, you will boost your chances of receiving scholarship offers. Other areas to focus on include volunteer work and involvement in clubs. Different organizations or businesses may have specific scholarship requirements that you’ll need to pay attention to, making it important that you do your research and prepare accordingly.

Make Connections

When it comes to being awarded a soccer scholarship, it can help to have the right connections. The first place to start is with your high school coach. You can boost your odds of putting yourself in front of the right people by attending various camps and clinics. The key to fielding multiple offers is to expose your skills to as many decision-makers as possible. Do not just limit yourself to Division I coaches. There are numerous available scholarships at the Division II and Division III levels of competition.

If you want to be awarded a soccer scholarship, you can take proactive steps to get noticed. Contacting coaches, attending sports clinics, boosting your GPA, being involved in extracurricular activities, and getting your skills out there for recruiters to see can all help pave the path for you. It’ll be a lot of work but in the end it’ll be worth it.

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