Snap Soccer eGaming – Three Items you will Need to Play

The Snap Soccer eGaming team is very excited about our new program for players. This program will help to keep soccer skills sharp as well as provide a competitive outlet for players!

With that being said, there are three items needed in order to play in the community. A gaming console, live service, and FIFA 20.

Gaming Console – The first thing required to compete is either a Xbox One or Playstation 4 gaming console.

Xbox One – Click Here to Purchase

Playstation 4 – Click Here to Purchase

Live Service – The second thing required to compete is either a subscription to Xbox Live Gold or Playstation +.

Xbox Live – Click Here to Purchase

Playstation+ – Click Here to Purchase

FIFA Video Game – The final thing required to compete is the newest version of the FIFA video game. Currently FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 – Click Here to Purchase

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