4 Reasons Why Soccer is the Best Youth Sport for Kids to Get Involved In

Soccer continues to explode in popularity across the world and it is no surprise why. This global favorite is an exceptional choice for getting your kids involved in youth athletics. Here are four reasons why soccer is the best youth sport for your kids to try.

Easy to Pick Up

The relative simplicity of soccer makes it an easy sport for beginners to pick up. In youth soccer, the rules are much simpler than when you move up the ranks of competitiveness. While mastering the sport will take some practice, soccer is an ideal sport for novice athletes looking to find an activity that is easy to jump into.

It’s Safer

Compared to many other youth sports, soccer is far safer with a lesser incidence of severe injuries. Most of the common injuries in soccer are relatively innocuous issues such as sprained ankles. In football, even without a concussion the players are at risk for brain damage. In sports such as basketball or volleyball, debilitating injuries to the knee are more common.

Boosts Social Interaction

Soccer is the ultimate team sport. Young soccer athletes must learn to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. Every player has a position and role on the team. Because it is such a team effort, soccer facilitates social interaction. The social skills learned when playing on a soccer team are transferable to nearly all aspects of life. In the end, you might find that the greatest lessons that your child takes away from soccer are the social teachings and the ability to work as one part of a team.

Great Exercise

Soccer is an amazing sport to choose if you are looking to gain immense cardiovascular benefits. All of the running involved in the sport delivers a great workout. The running is also especially beneficial for young kids because it involves having to sprint, change direction, and work on agility skills. Playing soccer also increases coordination, boosts flexibility, and boosts strength. As one of the best all-around workouts, soccer is an awesome way for your kids to get in their daily exercise. 

It is no wonder why soccer is such a popular sport with today’s youth. Not only are there a lot of benefits to playing it, but it’s also very fun! The vast benefits coupled with the limited number of drawbacks make this the perfect sport to introduce to your child.

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