How to Fund New Equipment For Your Child’s Soccer Team

Soccer is a wonderful sport for your child to participate in. It helps keep your child active and builds lasting memories. However, keeping your child and their team equipped can be a financial challenge. Here are a few fundraising ideas that can help you out.

Car Wash

The car wash is a classic fundraising technique for a good reason: it works. Car washes are also very popular because they tend to be much cheaper to run than other fundraising efforts. Just ensure you have a good space where cars can flow through and excess cars can be parked or wait. According to the Car Wash Guys, you should make sure that you have the correct (and enough) supplies, and that you have ready access to a water supply with hoses long enough to reach.

Candy Sale

Candy sales can be a pricey investment, but according to Fundraiser Help, they have big potential. Candy can be purchased from suppliers online or wholesale from stores. Generally, the key is to have a variety of candy rather than a single focus. Remember to keep the candy cool if it is hot outside. Candy can either be sold door to door, or you can contact local businesses to set up a stand outside.

Bake Sale

Having a bake sale or other food concessions at games is a great way to keep people happy at the game and raise money to keep the team going. Fundraiser or wholesale-bought candy can be effective in this case, as can homemade baked goods. The latter offers the benefit of having a lower overhead cost than candy and can be tailored to the expected crowd size. It can also be diversified more easily. People will be needed at these events to act as cashiers, and this is a great way for anyone to participate and help the team out.

Other Considerations

Fundraising can certainly be a challenge. Try to focus most on your local community. Asking businesses to contribute, perhaps in exchange for some publicity like a badge worn on team jerseys, is another good way to raise some money as long as it doesn’t run afoul of league rules. Also, according to Simply Sheets Fundraising, you should consider asking people in your community to volunteer their time if they can’t give money.

Giving all members of the team the chance to participate and come together is a part of being on a team. Using the proper methods to raise funds can help the team afford the costs and equipment they need, while also bringing them together in a common goal. By working together and planning your fundraiser carefully, you can help your child’s team be as successful as possible.

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