Registering for Events – Avoiding Conflicts

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Registering for Events and Avoiding Conflicts

Tournaments are an incredibly fun part of the soccer experience. The excitement is fun for the players, parents, and of course the coaches. Attending an event is a process. From finding a credible tournament, to getting whole-team commitments, and just getting there. From our experience, we notice that generally, clubs don’t just send one team, they send multiple. Likewise, if a coach coaches multiple teams, he or she prefers to bring both of their teams to that event. With this being said, you want your coach available for your games and not having to pick and choose which teams games to attend. There is a process we recommend to ensure a conflict-free weekend for you and your team.

Most of the time this process lies in the registration process (see the image below). In normal registration you will be able to select your coach and manager. THIS IS CRUCIAL. When registering you must select the coach as “coach” and not “manager.” If done incorrectly, the event scheduler may miss your conflict.

While this may seem minor, it can result in a major conflict for you and your team! 

As a side note, some teams have conflicts that are not related to a coach with multiple teams, but are due to time-sensitive obligations. See below for a few instances that may arise. Some are blatant while others you would have never thought of.

  • Teams arriving late on Friday night and request later Saturday kickoffs
  • Teams that have players taking the ACT and SAT
  • School fundraisers
  • Homecoming and prom
  • Birthday parties
  • Other sport obligations

As you can see from above, some of these requests intuitively hold a higher standard in the event scheduler’s eyes, and others they will try to alleviate if possible. While the system may allow you the option to input your request, it is still always the best option to email the event director and let them know your request as early as possible.

We hope you found this article helpful. As always if you have any questions, please reach out! Email

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