The Importance of Futsal for Soccer Players

There is always a looming challenge for all of us soccer players to improve our technical abilities. We all think about how we could have done a better job in a certain situation in games or in practice. Some of these challenges are moments where we had a great idea, but we made a bad pass or lost the ball when we were dribbling.  A great alternative to help improve this area of development is one of the most popular variants of soccer in the world: futsal.

Futsal was originally invented in 1930 in Uruguay, yet the sport has grown its popularity through South America.  Brazil is widely considered the home of futsal for its success in the sport at a competitive level. In the United States, futsal was originally introduced at an organized level in 1981 through United States Futsal.  

Futsal is played in a 5v5 format on a hard surface.  Basketball courts and tennis courts make great surfaces that can be utilized to play futsal. A regulation size futsal court for international standards is 42-46 yards in length and 22-28 yards in width. Futsal, unlike soccer, utilizes a kick-in from the spot the ball left the touchline. The common goalkick in soccer is referred to as a “goal clearance” where the goalkeeper must distribute the ball from their hands. Both of these restarts require the ball to be back in play within four seconds. 

The 5v5 format allows players to get more touches on the ball during the game than a normal match. The hard surface and slightly weighted ball challenges players to focus on their abilities to pass and receive the ball at a higher speed.  This challenges the players to control the ball when receiving a ball, or risk losing control of the ball. The pressure from the other team and hard surface really challenges players to make quick, effective decisions. From a spectator point of view, the game is great to watch due to the players making split-second moves and having multiple scoring opportunities!

If you’re interested in checking out some futsal events to be a part of, you can look on the internet to find some near you. Snap Soccer’s futsal events can be found here.

If you or someone you know would enjoy futsal training, ask your local soccer club about some options in your area!

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