The Transition from 9v9 – 11v11

The Transition from 9v9-11v11

Is your child about to make the transition from 9v9 to 11v11? Or even 7v7 to 9v9?

The jump from 9v9 to 11v11 is hands down the most dramatic in the youth game.

Think about the player you’ve seen for the last few seasons who can strike a ball further than the others. The keeper that can clear 80% of the field. The players that can comfortably reach the middle of the goal from any corner.

Will those players be as successful and stand out, once they step on to the larger field? Is your youth club doing all they can to best prepare your player to make the jump to the large field?

We see the staggering fact that 76% of youth players drop out from sports at this age and jump between U12 to U13. Is the fear of playing on the larger field a factor in this? Do the players that saw ‘success’ in their U12 and below age group drop because they are not as affective on the larger field?

One thing we look to offer each and every spring within our Snap Soccer events is the option for U12 11v11 brackets. We have seen great success in preparing these players in a relaxed atmosphere. By the time it comes for the child to play his true age group, we see confident games within our fall U13 division and in all brackets.

It is much more than just the field getting larger. A few other factors in the adjustment should be considered:

  • Duration of games
  • Laws of the game
  • Numbers in the team
  • Numbers in the squad
  • Players playing in positions
  • New formations
  • Technical understanding
  • Tactical understanding
  • Physical difference

Making the transition to full-sided soccer will be a daunting process for many players. If you have a plan for dealing with each of these key areas, you’ll be putting your players on a path to understanding and appreciating the game in its true form.

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