The Ultimate Tournament Check-List

The Ultimate Tournament Check-List

Make sure your tournament site includes the vast majority of the items below.  While all these points may not apply to your event, most will.

  1. Are the tournament dates listed?
  2. Is the registration deadline listed?
  3. Is the tournament director’s information easily found?
  4. Is your payment processing setup? Ensure credit card processing and remittance address are accurate.
  5. Do you have coupons or discounts setup through processing? These can be helpful for certain scenarios.
  6. Is the event location listed?
  7. Are the venues listed?
  8. Are the addresses of the venues listed?
  9. What venue will each division be played at?
  10. Do you have teams from last year listed?
  11. Are your sponsors updated?
  12. Do you have check-in times listed?
  13. Do you have check-in location listed?
  14. Do you have accepted teams listed?
  15. Are the rules easily accessible?
  16. Do you have information for lodging readily available?
  17. Do you have referee registration open and assignor contact listed?
  18. Is your referee payment system listed, along with a pay scale?
  19. Do you have registration prices listed?
  20. Do you offer discounts? Multiple Team? Late? Early?
  21. Did you execute a press release?
  22. Do you have an event logo? Is it in your banner or on your homepage?
  23. Does your event have an app? SINC? Snap? GotSoccer?
  24. Do you have Online Check-In (OLC) information available? When does OLC open, close, and the latest time to begin?
  25. Will college coaches be attending? Do you have the information available?
  26. Is the list of colleges attending easily accessible?
  27. Will you have any vendors at the event?
  28. Do you have an event hashtag?
  29. Who gets awards?
  30. Do you have local medical facilities listed?
  31. Do you require teams to print their own game cards?
  32. Where is your “Application to Host” located?

Each item listed above will certainly move you one step closer to providing crucial information to teams.

If you have questions about any of the above points, don’t hesitate to reach out. Send me a note at

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