Tournaments that Offer More Make Better Experiences

kid holding multi-flavored snow cone

Everyone knows games are the main event at youth soccer tournaments. But what other things are on offer?

Most youth soccer tournaments allow in a multitude of vendors to enhance the experience of guests attending. The types of vendors can vary based on the size of the event and the age range of youth soccer players participating in the event.

Action & Team Photography

Photography vendors are popular as their cameras capture some of the most memorable moments. Scoring a goal, making a save, or celebrating with teammates are instant must haves for parents that look to cherish their child’s on field achievements. Action photography is not particularly simple to master. While photos taken from a cell phone can certainly suffice for some parents’ knack for capturing their child’s playing time, the quality and artistry that goes with action photography is much appreciated among parents at these tournaments. 

Another type of photography offered at youth soccer tournaments are team pictures. With the capability to print onsite, these pictures display not only the team, coaches and managers that represent the club, but the tournament they attended with unique graphic effects to accompany them. For parents of the younger youth soccer players, these pictures can be the start of a journey while more seasoned parents find these pictures to be fleeting and take advantage of the opportunity to add one more memory to the scrapbook. 


Similar to photography, tournament apparel serves as a token of remembrance. Options can include customization by adding a name or number to the back of a tournament shirt. Truly commemorating the weekend. 

Soccer Schwag

Merchandise vendors can truly capture the pageantry and excitement for the game of soccer by offering items such as jerseys, catchy soccer mom apparel, and neat knick-knacks that kids beg for. Youth soccer tournaments can really grow the game in a spectacular way, but most commonly it is the overall passion for the game at all levels that can inspire the youth, which is represented with their desire to imitate their role models by purchasing a jersey. 

Food, Glorious Food

Shaved Ice flavors on a hot day or hot chocolate on a cold evening, are the little things that make a tournament special. Food vendors draw a large crowd. Most tournaments have a variety of food to choose from ranging from general concession stands to gourmet options to dessert trucks. These onsite food options can be lifesavers when games aren’t spaced hours apart. Rounding up the crew and driving in an unfamiliar town to get food can add to what is a long weekend. Food vendors certainly are essential to a day spent at the fields. 

Being a Kid

Entertaining the kids that are not playing is a task in itself. Most of the younger siblings seem to form a coalition of fun consisting of playing tag, while other, more adventurous groups commandeer a goal at half-time and work on trick shots and goal saving acrobatics. Some tournaments offer fun activities for the younger kids. Bounce rides and face painting are among the most popular. Allowing your kids to partake in fun activities can be a fair trade-off for a more relaxing weekend. 

Traveling for youth soccer tournaments is an event in itself, but there is nothing like the fanfare of being at the park and the options it provides. The most important aspect, however, is that you are having a good time!

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