What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Mouth Guard?

When playing a sport, such as soccer, it’s important that every player wear a mouth guard as protection against flying elbows and knees or hard falls. Mouth guards are a custom-made protective device used to keep mouths and teeth safe. However, that’s not all mouth guards can do.

Mouth Injuries

Just like the name implies, mouth guards protect your mouth from damage. Teeth, as well as the rest of the mouth, are vulnerable to all sorts of injuries, including jaw injuries, injuries to the roots of the teeth, lip injuries, and even concussions. Mouth guards aren’t able to prevent injuries entirely; however, they can soak up a majority of the impact, which reduces the risk.

They Can Be Custom Made

There are two types of mouthguards: ready-made and custom-made. Ready-made mouth guards are often low cost and available over the counter, which makes them an affordable solution; however, they only offer a basic level in terms of protection. Custom-made mouth guards, on the other hand, may be a bit on the expensive side and require a trip to the dentist, but they provide a higher degree of protection. They are also thicker plus more comfortable because they are custom-fitted.

Preventing Skull Fractures

Taking a hit to the mouth can do a lot more than simply damage your child’s lips and teeth. It can damage the very bone within their mouths. Many studies show that a blow to the head may result in a skull fracture. A mouth guard may not be able to prevent all injuries, but it can help prevent something as severe as a skull fracture. Mouth guards can absorb shock. They can also help keep the head and neck stable if the jaw or mouth is hit.

Mouth Guards Give Parents Peace of Mind

Getting hit in the mouth with a ball is a valid concern for parents of soccer players. No parent wants to receive a call that their child’s tooth has chipped or that their child has suffered a serious injury. Children often play sports without concern for their own safety, but the dangers of playing sports are still there. Providing your child a mouth guard can give you peace of mind while they play.

Mouth guards are important accessories when considering safety gear for your child when they’re playing sports. In order to minimize the risk of an accident, having them custom-made reduces this risk even further as they are more durable than the average stock mouth guard. Investing in a custom mouth guard can also give parents peace of mind.’

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