August 20th Playdate – Daphne – Trione Park


It was great to get our Fall 2016 Snap Soccer playdates underway this past weekend. Firstly big thanks go out to Daphne Strike for hosting the first of 3 playdates.

As you are all aware US Soccer has implanted plenty of changes in the soccer world over the past year. From changing to the birth year, no heading rule, field sizes changing, roster sizes changing to 7v7 and 9v9, offsides at U9 and 10 just to name a few.

With these changes we were all aware that there would be some growing pains to go along with so many drastic changes. These changes are all new to the Players/Parents/Coaches and also along with this, the referees are also coming to terms with all the new rules they have to be aware of too whilst keeping track of the fast paced/energetic Playdate games.

With this, we ask that everyone remains patient as we come to terms with the many changes that we face, its one of the oldest/most popular sports in the world, but as the game evolves we must evolve with it.


Our Snap Soccer playdate numbers are at record numbers again this year as we push towards the 80 team mark. We would like to welcome aboard all of our new participating teams and we hope you enjoyed your first weekend with us.

We would like to thanks all participating Clubs, Parents, Players and coaches for keeping the positive environment alive within these playdates, these are perfect situations for all of our players to come and have fun and express themselves in a relaxed atmosphere.

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