Gulf States College Showcase Now A 3-Day Event

Foley, AL – The Gulf States College Showcase, hosted by Snap Soccer, is excited to announce a major change to its format this year. This premier event for soccer players and teams from around the Gulf Coast will now take place over the course of three days, from Friday, December 13th to Sunday, December 15th, offering more competition and improved opportunities for players to showcase their talent.

Now in its sixth year, the Gulf States College Showcase has become a must-attend event for college coaches and recruiters looking for talented soccer players. This tournament features teams from 40 different clubs across 10 states and provides a platform for top-tier competition and exposure.

According to Snap Soccer, extending the Gulf States College Showcase to three days, offers several benefits for players, coaches, and fans, including less cramped and higher quality games, ensuring an optimal level of play throughout the tournament against highly competitive teams.

The Showcase has attracted teams from 40 different clubs across 10 states, solidifying its position as one of the premier soccer events in the region. The transition to a three-day event elevates the prestige of the Gulf States College Showcase, making it even more desirable for teams, players, and college coaches to participate. The extended duration of the event may also entice teams from a wider geographic area, fostering greater competition and diversity. Additionally, teams traveling from a distance will have the opportunity to experience the host city of Foley, Alabama, adding a cultural element to their participation.

“We fully recognize the immense importance of this showcase for players, teams, and college recruiters,” said Zack Touchstone, Operations Director at Snap Soccer. “Our primary objective is to ensure that all participants – players, coaches, recruiters, and fans alike – have an exceptional experience at the Gulf States College Showcase.”

According to Snap Soccer, extending the event to three days will create more opportunities for players, provide exposure to more coaches and recruiters, and give fans and families even more thrilling matches to watch.

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