Testimonial from Dusty Pittman, Director of Coaching at Mississippi Reign

We began our club, Mississippi Reign, two years ago, and since then we have been attending Snap Soccer events. We have been so impressed, and satisfied, with Snap Soccer that we try to
attend all the tournaments they have available. As a new club, it has been difficult trying to step up to the Division 1 stage and compete, especially while still keeping the focus on having
fun and player development. Unfortunately, we have attended many tournaments before, both big and small, where the focus does not reflect our philosophy and the player development
is put at risk. But with Snap Soccer, we have experienced a very positive environment focused on the fun and the development of the players.
-Here are some of the things we have experienced with the other tournaments:
• Primary focus is on one of more of the following: scoring goals, winning games, winning medals, making a club “look good”, and/or making money.
• Brackets are mismatched and inconsistent. Resulting common results such as 6-0, 10-0, and even 15-0.
• Host clubs, and/or favorites, are “set up” in brackets as to make sure they win, medal, and/or to make their club “look good.”
• Lack of referees, and inexperienced referees in control of games they aren’t prepared for.
• Terrible field conditions, locations, parking, and facilities.
• No order, control, or communication with the tournament.
• Overall analysis: A negative and unhealthy environment for teams and players.
-Here are some of the things we have experienced with Snap Soccer:
• Focus is on player and team development in a fun and competitive atmosphere.
• Brackets are evenly matched and consistent. With common results such as 0-0, 0-1, 3-2.
• Due to even brackets, all teams have a better chance of winning and developing properly.
• Referees are almost always top quality, and are on games they can control safely.
• Field conditions, locations, parking, and facilities are some of the best we have stepped onto.
• The order, control, and communication of the tournament is done with efficiency and professionalism.
• Overall analysis: A more positive, healthy, and fun environment for teams and players.
These are only a few points that we can provide countless examples and experiences upon. We have had so many players, parents, and coaches come to us after a Snap Soccer tournament
telling us of how nice the tournament was, how much fun they had, and how they can’t wait till the next one! Our relationship with John, Nick, and the rest of Snap Soccer is a strong and
positive one, and we hope to continue attending their events! On behalf of Mississippi Reign, I want to reach out and thank you all for providing such a positive, competitive, and fun
program, and for being the golden standard of what tournaments and events should strive to be! We always look forward to the next one!

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