5 Amazing Benefits of Participation in Youth Soccer

Youth Soccer Matches

Most parents strive to involve their children in healthy activities that work to further their athletic and personal development. More and more, soccer is becoming a favorite activity for children. In addition to being great fun for your child, soccer will provide them with a number of other benefits.

Making Friends

Soccer is a team sport, and your child will learn to work with others towards a common goal. To reach these goals, daily practice and communication will be necessary. These conditions form bonds that often result in lifelong friendships.

This benefit of forming new bonds in soccer is perhaps more important now than at any other time in history. Due to the social media age, children spend much less time in social engagement with their peers.

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Get Great Exercise

Childhood obesity is a serious issue in America and can have negative consequences to all aspects of a child’s life. A major reason for this is that activities such as playing video games or excessive social media use have caused a decline in team sports participation.

Children who are physically active are much less likely to develop problems with obesity as children who live sedentary lifestyles. Soccer participation allows children to enjoy themselves while running, jumping, and improving the health of their cardiovascular system.

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Less Likely to Engage in Substance Abuse

Extracurricular activities like soccer have been proven to steer children away from substance abuse. Not only is this true for alcohol and illegal drugs, but also cigarettes and other tobacco products.

One study found that young people who participate in organized sports activity were 22% less likely to smoke than children who were not involved in an extracurricular activity. The study also concluded that the more involved a child is in soccer, the more likely it is they will stay away from tobacco. This trend is also true for drugs and alcohol.

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Learn How to Win (and Lose) with Grace

Children who play soccer will learn the value of teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. All of these traits will benefit the child throughout life regardless of their chosen field.

Soccer-playing children will also learn to handle adversity and learn to see a loss as a temporary setback and not a permanent failure. The young soccer player will also learn to remain humble in victory.

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Gain More Confidence and Self-Esteem

Youth soccer is an excellent way to build confidence and improve the self-image of a child. You will watch the self-esteem of your child soar as he or she becomes more familiar with their own abilities.

Regular exercise improves coordination, increases endurance, improves posture, and helps maintain a lean and healthy body. All these things will help your child maintain a high level of confidence.

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Every parent wants to provide their children with the best chance possible to live a healthy and productive life. One activity that will provide children with a number of positive benefits that will last them throughout their lives is youth soccer.

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